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LILY MARIEBoston, Massachusetts, US

My name is Lisa but you can call me LiLy. More like Lee-Lee,not like the Flower lol! But whatever you want to call me is fine too! smile I got that nickname from my Grandfather and it has stuck with me ever since.All my close friends call me that too, so I guess you are my close friends too now!lol

I have been told in the past that my profile can be a bit intimidating so I have decided to revamp it. I would never want anyone to get the wrong impression of me or be afraid to contact me, thinking I would never want to work with them. Though I put my foot down at times…only when needed be.. I Suppose it’s that Italian temper… Jk! Lol! I am a very down to earth,sweet,humble,kind,generous girl.I am always smiling,super positive,confident and goofy.I have OCD with being on time and my hair.( I am a hairdresser what do you expect!lol) I love to laugh and make others laugh as well. I think I am a pretty cool Gal! Lol!
I can guarantee when you work with me, you will want to work with me again because of all the things I listed above! wink
I am a Boston girl, Born and raised!Boston Strong! I am Sicilian,French Canadian and Irish. I bet you didn’t guess that! Lol! No one can ever figure out what i am!I have been Modeling on and off since I was 19 years old.Modeling is something I have always wanted to do since a little girl. I love to be in the spotlight and have always been naturally photogenic. I discovered my love for the camera when I used to dance as a little girl.I Danced from Age 5-12 at Joanne Langione Dance Center.I studied Ballet,Tap,and Jazz,There is where I found my inner Diva haha.Later on I attended the Miss Teen Boston Pageant in 2002 where I received the Miss Photogenic Award.Which assured me that the Camera and I were meant for each other.Thereafter, I found my way into Modeling.I was signed to the Candy Ford Modeling Agency in Boston,Ma, from 2003-2006. I have done numerous promotions for them including a shoe show, where I modeled shoes from Stride Rite. Since then I have been trying to live my dream even though my love for being a hairstylist, has occasionally intervened.I am a Full time Hairstylist at Salon De Cinzia! Come check us out if you are ever in the area!I love and adore both careers and i will never choose one over the other!I truly am having fun doing what I love! An at the same time, excited to see where both paths lead me.

You can find me in “Contemporary Pin-Up Photography”published by Schiffer Publishing.It’s on sale now at Borders,Barnes & Noble,and Target all across the US,Japan,Australia and the UK!So go grab it up!
You can check it out right now at … amp;sr=1-1


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